Cloudy Sky & the Barking Dog (Two Companions for Crying)

It runs thru the emptiness
Of the cold winter night.
It barks thru the sound of thunder –
Thru’ the pains of the wet rains & fiery lights.
It doesn’t pray for the rains to stop
‘Cos it knows what blues the sky’s got.
In dark lonely winter
We both got someone’s footsteps to follow –
In the dark endless winter sky
With infinite tears to shed.

Together we stand
As we wait for a bleak future.
Together we feel the pain
Of an unfulfilled past –
Of a dream that was too good to last.
Together we support each other
In the loneliness
Of a crowded world –
With no one to share our blues
(And our pain)—
Each of us in our own different ways –
In the form of the haunting sound
Of a barking dog
That reverberates thru
The cold winter night …
Or in the form of an unmelodious song
Coming from the heart of
A man full of blues…
Or in the form of a sky
Dark enough to cover
Brightness of the sun,
‘N’ infinite tears
To flood the world.

Three of us don’t look at future –
We are like the celestial body
Which used to be a shining white star sometime –
But now a dark little black hole –
Which can’t shine no more.
We just fulfill each other’s needs –
For a soul to understand our blues.

We know that
The world’s gonna hear
The barking dog
For another million nights.
We know that
The world’s gotta bear
My unmelodious song
For another million years.
‘N’ we know that
It ain’t gonna stop raining
For at least another million winters –
For how can the sky
Again be dry
When it’s got so many tears to cry?


About Soumya

Assistant Professor in economics, researcher in economic theory & complex systems, with active interest in flamenco, blues & rock, Andalucia, anarchism, dada & punk, FOSS activist & foodie. Put off by uncritical acceptance and/or parroting of rhetoric and submission to establishment in any form.
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