The Cave Beyond Heaven

Once upon a time
From a cave beyond
The roadway to heaven,
There descended in a
A red man’n’ a blue man.
The cave was the home to
A thousand gods
Accompanied by
A million angels.
Efforts of them all
Culminated in
Two souls
As a gift from
The cave beyond heaven.

The red man’n’ the blue man
Together holding hands
Descended on earth
One autumn night.
The night was a bit cold
(But not too chilly)
As the red man’n’ the blue man
Walked thru a busy road
Of a metropolitan city.
It was just minutes
After the sun had set.
The world looked dark’n’bleak
Except the last rays of the sun.
Suddenly a hundred crazy people
With lights
That were brighter than the sun
Started making sounds
That were more deafening
Then the shrieks
Of the green monster of hell.

“Hey”, said the red man
To the blue man
“Some monster from the hell
Has broken the rules
Of the gods,
And has descended on earth.”
“Relax,” said the blue man,
“We have been set up
In a trap
By the kingdom of hell.
Can’t you feel an intoxicating smell
That’s been around for a while ?
This smell is a scheme
Of the green monster of hell.
Something must be done
To save the world
Before the green monster takes over.”

With such ideas
The messengers from
The cave beyond heaven
Went about their task
In a manner
Resembling their makers
Watching from
The cave beyond heaven.

And soon they were surrounded
By a million people
Looking at the bright red
‘N’ the neptune blue faces.
They were shocked
‘Cos they hadn’t seen such face
In the earth
Or in the pictures of heaven.
The red man had a way out—
He turned his face towards south…
‘N’ lo ! his blood turned red
Like the color of hell,
‘Cos the color had come
From his face
Which originated in
The cave beyond heaven.

Thus the red man turned
Into a colorless man.
So he went’n’mingled
And was lost
In a crowd
Of colorless faces.
He succeeded
In becoming one of them
In a truly earthly way.
The blue man
Had a problem.
He could take out the color
From his face—
But he didn’t know
Where to keep
So much of blues.
So he hid them
In a corner of his heart.
Thus he became
A colorless man
But with a heart
Full of blues.

It was under
Such a situation
That the man with blues
Met an earthly soul
In the season of blues.

Thus started the tale
Of accumulating blues
Inside the heart
Of a spirit from
The cave beyond heaven.

Autumn blues
Gave way to winter blues
Followed by the spring blues
And the peak summer blues.
The blues had a life
By itself.
‘Cos there was a soul in the blues.
‘Cos the blues
Were the offspring of
A man who had lost his face
In the midst of a mess.
‘N’ the face was a precious one
As it originated in
The cave beyond heaven.

The blues had a tough time
In a world not
Meant for the blues.
It did, however,
Have an outlet
In a small earthly instrument
That could be used
For transmitting the blues.
It also had an outlet
In form of dreams
Of a colorless man
(Who used to be a blue man)
From the cave beyond heaven.

The blues, however, had
A short life
Comprising of about
Seven-and-a-half hours
‘N’ five seasons
Of dreams’n’light.
One evening
The blues had
An untimely death.
‘N’ the colorless man
Was left with nothing
To return to his home
Back in the cave beyond heaven.

He had lost his identity,
He had lost his color.
He lost the last symbols
From the cave beyond heaven.

From now on
He had to be an earthly man
Who had to go on
Doing earthly chores.
‘Cos he had nothing
To be —
As he had lost the last evidences
To prove he belonged
To the cave beyond heaven.

His life became
An unending struggle,
‘Cos he was left
In between
Two contrasting homes
Of earth’n’
The cave beyond heaven.

He knew that
He didn’t belong here.
‘N’ yet he had to keep existing.
He had to get used to
The ways of the earth,
As he knew he had missed
The last flight
To the cave beyond heaven.

Thus ended the story
Of a red man’n’blue man,
They both came
With a reason
To this world.
The reason was lost
In the dark skies of
An intoxicating autumn night.
And the red man’n’blue men
Were lost in the crowd
Of colorless’n’faceless people.
The red man
Had the vigor of
A blood that was red.
But the blue man
Whose blues were dead
Waited till eternity
Searching for a way back
To the cave beyond heaven…


About Soumya

Assistant Professor in economics, researcher in economic theory & complex systems, with active interest in flamenco, blues & rock, Andalucia, anarchism, dada & punk, FOSS activist & foodie. Put off by uncritical acceptance and/or parroting of rhetoric and submission to establishment in any form.
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