Statism & Right-wing surge

This makes an important point. Lately we have been seeing a lot of analyses on right-wing surge in various countries based on this thesis that political right succeeds because somehow its opposition is not “left-wing” (read statist) enough. Thus Trump won because Hillary was neoliberal, BJP has been winning because Congress is neoliberal etc. This is ridiculous, because (a) there is nothing preventing the political right from offering statism if that was the issue (many of them routinely do so – from Marine Le Pen to Golden Dawn) – but obviously that is NOT the issue, (as this article points out) but more importantly, (b) surge of political right is really because of the victory of the narrative created by political right. BJP wins because they could communally charge up the electorate in the run-up to the elections (you know, a riot here, a skirmish there, some big, some small, some communal abusive pamphlets here and there), far-right in Europe wins when they can successfully sell a narrative that immigrants / Muslims are the reason for all problems. To counter this, a counter-narrative needs to be created (for instance, the way this right-wing narrative was defeated in Delhi and Bihar elections by actions at the grassroot level, notably by AAP in Delhi, but something which was completely missing in UP). I fail to see how this narrative can be defeated by offering statism. Those who offers statism as a solution have fundamentally misunderstood the problem!

Why left wing economics is not the answer to right-wing surge


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Assistant Professor in economics, researcher in economic theory & complex systems, with active interest in flamenco, blues & rock, Andalucia, anarchism, dada & punk, FOSS activist & foodie. Put off by uncritical acceptance and/or parroting of rhetoric and submission to establishment in any form.
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