What do you mean by <illegal> meatshop? What establishes legality? How legal are the numerous fruit and vegetable vendors, chhole-bhature and rajma-chawal sellers, chaat sellers, small shops selling almost everything around us? How legal are the Haldirams and Bikanerwalas which the vegetarian evangelists are so fond of – do they satisfy all the minimum wage acts and fire and food safety norms? How about our service providers – from domestic help to car cleaners – do we all pay them minimum wage? What about all the big defaulters to our nationalized banks – did they default legally too? In a developing country, a large part of people’s lives depend on illegal activities – let them dare to stop them all. Why meatshops – and how is this not an attempt to impose the disastrous dietary practices of a small minority of population from a miniscule geographical area onto the rest of us? The same dietary practice that has pushed a large chunk of population to even worse levels of malnutrition than sub-Saharan Africa, and resulted in chronic protein and vitamin B12 deficiency?
Attack on meatshops simultaneously targets the livelihood of those who run these shops as well as food and nutritional security of majority of population. Symbolically this must have been one of the most direct and brazen attacks on vast majority of our population (mostly those who did not vote for them) in recent times. It is important that we recognize it as such.


About Soumya

Assistant Professor in economics, researcher in economic theory & complex systems, with active interest in flamenco, blues & rock, Andalucia, anarchism, dada & punk, FOSS activist & foodie. Put off by uncritical acceptance and/or parroting of rhetoric and submission to establishment in any form.
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