Delhi MCD Elections

For the upcoming MCD elections in Delhi this weekend I will be voting for AAP and urge all of you voters in Delhi to do the same.
There are serious reasons to be critical of AAP: from its authoritarian leadership to many serious pre-poll promises on which it faltered. Needless to say, I have many reservations about AAP too – many of which I might have pointed out elsewhere. But one needs to put these in the context. AAP’s work on health and education has been commendable, and in some ways might remind us of traditional social democratic left. In very limited ways, it has also shown the guts to take on the corporate-mafia-government nexus in electricity sector. In many other areas, even if it has faltered, it has shown flexibility that could at least open up the scope for an expansion of political space for more radical politics to emerge. A defeat for AAP at this stage, (irrespective of our reasons for not supporting them) will not only come as a punishment for allowing the opening up of political space (in whatever limited sense), but it will also put the fascists who want to control what we speak or eat or do at a commanding position. It will be an end of politics.
In short, we need AAP to win, not because they are great but because a defeat for them at this stage will be disastrous.


About Soumya

Assistant Professor in economics, researcher in economic theory & complex systems, with active interest in flamenco, blues & rock, Andalucia, anarchism, dada & punk, FOSS activist & foodie. Put off by uncritical acceptance and/or parroting of rhetoric and submission to establishment in any form.
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