About this blog

There’s a whole range of feelings and emotions, often muddled up, which led to the birth of this blog. On one hand, I intend this blog to be one with a purpose, with certain pre-decided objectives that will impart certain amount of objectivity and precision to this blog. At another level, I probably want this to be a place to dump random images, views and comments that I have about people and the world around me… things that probably very few people around me have the time or patience for…

At the end of the day, I guess, let me just allow this blog to take shape on it’s own, and wait and watch what comes out of it. This whole process will probably take time, as I am pretty time-constrained at the moment to maintain a full-fledged blog. Till the blog takes a proper shape, expect this place to be pretty unorganized and haphazard, and perhaps esoteric, a lot like the state of my mind right now. So, expect posts on absolutely wide range of (and possibly unrelated) topics: from politics and economics to music, from food and cooking to observations about the life around me, and from computer softwares to solving complicated mathematical problems.

Want to know more about me? Really? Fine, keep clicking: About Me


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